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Storyform automatically adapts to your content. Storyform will analyze your photos, video, text or other content and optimize its layout for the best possible reading experience. Leave a lasting impact with fullscreen video, images or a layout that keep content readable and natural on every device.

Artificial Intelligence

Uses AI to match your content with the perfect layouts.

Optimized for layouts

Smartly crops images and video for fullscreen in any orientation.

More time

Frees up design time to focus on crafting stories.

Smart Captions

Smart Captions

Target the perfect spot for captions on each of your photos.

Video Slides

Video Slides

Bring your stories to life with fullscreen and background video.

Next Gen Typography

Next Gen Type

Unleash the power of multicolumn text, pull quotes, blockquotes, rich captions, drop caps and much more.

Don’t tell one story.
Tell dozens.

With a “content first” approach, Storyform makes it really easy to scale your publishing efforts. No longer will you have to spend hours crafting individual stories. Instead, with adaptable and immersive layouts, Storyform makes it simple to begin producing complex articles, slideshows, reports and other stories with just a few clicks.

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  • Choose from a growing set of unique templates
  • Select a different design for each part of your story

Your domain?
Our domain?
Your choice.

Don’t let someone else control your content. With Storyform, you can host your own articles on your own site and integrated with your own CMS. No subdomains. Don't have a site? Let us host it for you, but keep your domain.

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  • Easily specify which articles use Storyform
  • Clean code optimized for SEO


Clean but powerful

Break free from all the clutter and focus on the content. Storyform's distraction-free editor is clean and yet powerful enough to add and format all kinds of content.

Responsive Devices Give it a spin

Remarkably Responsive

Keep all your images fullscreen on every device with Storyform's smart cropping. By identifying the subject of a photo Storyform can maximize the impact of that photo on every screen size.

Simple integration & a familiar workflow

Don’t learn a new platform. With easy integration with your current workflow, Storyform makes it simple to create engaging stories with WordPress.


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