What do I get with a paid plan?
Paid plans come with a bunch of great features, depending on your tier. This includes:
  • More pageviews and unlimited stories - post more than once a month and to a larger audience with our paid tiers. Our tiers are based on the number of page views and domains you are using. Page views are shared between domains, are only counted on Storyform pieces and reset every month.
  • All templates - access to pre-built unique designs and layouts to help save you time crafting a beautiful story. Don't worry you can further customize most aspects of the templates as well to fit your needs. We have 4 today: Helens, Cascade, Shade and Breaker and we will release more over time.
  • Custom domain and branding - for Storyform-hosted experiences (those you create when you click "New story" on storyform.co and not created in a CMS), we provide the ability to change the navigation bar color, logo and serve it via your own domain (either a subdomain like features.domain.com or domain.com).
  • White-labeling - For resellers, large networks and groups with strict affiliation rules we provide white-labeling, which removes the logo and link from the lower right of the story.
  • Image and video hosting - for Storyform-hosted experiences (those you create when you click "New story" on storyform.co and not created in a CMS), we provide will host and serve your images and video up to a certain amount of bandwidth. The amount of bandwidth is dependent on the tier. After reaching that amount we charge $0.33/GB.
  • Engagement Analytics - while you can continue to use traditional analytics software like Google Analytics, we provide unique analytics that we believe are better measures of gauging reader engagement. We provide a dashboard of what percent of an article is read and engagement time (takes into account actual interaction with the story, not idle time).
  • Expert support - we always prioritize communication, bug fixes and sometimes even feature work for our paying customers.
  • Multi domains - For agencies or publishing networks to manage multiple sites with one account. Domains are based on the number of second-level domains, so subdomains are free.
  • HTTPS - HTTPS is quickly become an important factor for both privacy, security, but even for SEO. This enables you to use HTTPS on your own CMS (you must have your own SSL certificates for CMS hosted content).
What happens if I exceed the number of page views?
Don't worry, we will not shut you down. We will simply ask that in the next month you upgrade to a larger tier.
What happens if I stop using Storyform?
We use all standard HTML5 markup for your content, which means once you uninstall Storyform it go right back to being a normal post. If you are on WordPress, your typical theme will take over.