Using Storyform-hosted stories

This guide will help you start using Storyform in a Storyform-hosted environment, this means most stories will be found on, but you may also mask your stories behind your own custom domain (i.e. If you would like to host your content on your own WordPress or custom CMS site, check out Using Storyform with Wordpress or Using Storyform with a custom CMS.

Getting Started

To start, login to your account on and click "New story" in the upper corner. Yup its that easy.

Image and video hosting

All media uploaded using Storyform's editor on are hosted by us using a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). This enables fast, low-latency downloading for your readers around the world. We also produce several different sizes of each image in order to reduce download size for smaller devices where the image is only displayed at a lower resolution. HTML5 video hosting is included in all paid tiers of Storyform and a certain amount of free bandwidth is included in your plan. After which, additional bandwidth is charged on a per-GB basis.


By default, storyform hosted articles are listed publically on storyform's domain in a subdirectory for your username. For groups looking to create a more custom, branded experience, Storyform supports publications, which enable additional features for branding purposes. Publications are only available to paying members. To create a publication, please contact us at

Using a custom domain

Publications can have their content made available on their own a custom domain (i.e. or First, you must own the domain and have access to the DNS records. Second, for subdomains add a CNAME record or for second-level-domains add an A record pointing the desired domain to

Custom headers

Publications can also customize their header bar by choosing a background color, logo, and URL for the link when clicking the logo.

Authoring a story

View the authoring a story section for more details on authoring.